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As current TV experiences lack modern engagement standards.



The city is vibrant, alive, fresh and so open.

Our Power Source “TV AppBox”

Since 2008 we gained extensive experience in developing TV apps for different platforms and standards. As a result we bundled all unique features and knowledge into a smart framework we call “TV AppBox”.

With the TV AppBox we build a TV app only once and deliver it cross-platform, supporting all major SmartTV platforms as well as the interactive TV standard “HbbTV”.

The TV AppBox enables us to:

  • Drastically accelerate cross-platform development
  • Lower cost of development and maintenance
  • Reduce development time and time to market
  • Provide full service TV apps that fulfill the multi-platform requirements

The TV AppBox consists of 5 intelligent engines and cloud-scaled services that enable us to tackle every aspect of development.

1. The smooth ScreenSync Engine

We believe a TV app should not “stand alone”. A true connected home experience is often achieved by pairing your ConnectedTV and your second screen, e.g. your smartphone, using each screen for what it does best; e.g. navigation, user input or full screen video.

2. The user friendly MediaPlayer Engine

This engine consists of the tools we need to build native media players that work on every device and are also capable of handling your DRM-encoded video files. Whether your content consists of photos, audio, video, on demand or streamed live, our MediaPlayer engine can handle it.

3. The plug&play Content Engine

The internet is evolving into an API-driven ecosystem. Often content is already available within existing backend systems. The Content Engine allows us to swiftly interface with the API’s of these systems and directly integrate content in the app. Naturally it also interfaces with custom CMS solutions we provide, should there be no backend solution.

4. The secure Payment Engine

There are many different payment models. Some ConnectedTV manufacturers offer an app store model, modelled after Apple and Android. Most models however, focus on subscription models or pay-per-view models. Payments are conducted either on the TV screen, or (preferably) via second screen (e.g. a smartphone). Payment transactions are conducted via API with established payment gateways, e.g. “IDEAL”. Our Payment Engine enables us to accommodate all these models and routes.

5. The modular Template Engine

The Template Engine consists largely of a frontend stack of tools that enable us to build up an app in a modular way. Tools that handle specific grid navigation, unique to a remote controlled TV screen, as well as the construction of particular menu navigation and focus.


Holland’s leading SmartTV and HbbTV catch up service.


The catch up portal of the Dutch Public Broadcaster NPO, called Uitzending Gemist, is the leading Smart TV and HbbTV app in the Netherlands, both in terms of daily views and available video content.

In 2014 we added the payed service NPO Plus. As a result consumers are now able to view much more high quality video content in high resolution.

We are proud to announce that we build first payed HbbTV catch up service in the world.


The interactive TV Portal of Zeeland.


Together with operator DELTA we built an interactive app store, based on the HbbTV standard, called “Portal of Zeeland”.

It’s a new kind of interactive TV app store with strong typical Zeeland content. Examples of famous apps are Trugkieke or Zeeland Football.

With our power source “TV AppBox” we have built within 6 months more than 10 TV apps.


We changed the big TV screen into a painting.


With ArtTV we changed the big screen into a painting. In this way we bring the art experience from the museum into the living room.

The ArtTV app is connected with databases of huge popular musea, like The Dutch Rijksmuseum.


It feels like you are watching live TV broadcast.


This showcase app has been presented at the Anga event 2014. Together with our partner Divitel we made this app, that includes several live video streams, between which the user can switch.

The app gives the experience of a “live TV channel” app.

People’s Playground: The Place where Innovation of the TV Experience Happens

In a world where people are used having great user experiences with their mobile devices, the current TV  experience lacks modern engagement standards. However, new technologies and concepts give serious opportunities to companies, like broadcasters and operators, to change this. And we offer them a chance to actually do it.

Caring Organizational Culture.
 We care about our team, the product and the profits, in that order. Our people stay because of the organization’s commitment to them. We believe that a happy and ambitious team can move mountains. 

Join a Smart Team. 
The team of People’s Playground likes to work smarter, not harder. We believe an activity with high leverage will generate a high level of desired results.

Open positions:

Experienced Frontend AND Backend Web Developer

Senior Agile Project Manager


At our Playground we give you the opportunity to:

  • Extend your knowlegde to SmartTV development
  • Be part of a growing ambitious company
  • Take responsibility
  • Push technical barriers

Psst: Besides a good salary all employees share in profit.



Send us your CV to: smartjobs@peoplesplayground.nl


Experienced Frontend and Backend Web Developer

Must haves:

  • JavaScript: Good understanding of plain JavaScript + experience with frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS etc.
  • HTML5/CSS3 using SASS/Compass (Markup and styling)
  • Experience iwth distributed version control, namely GIT
  • A great eye/(passion) for detail
  • A test-oriented and methodical way of working
  • Full EU residency
  • You are a team player!

Nice to haves:

  • PHP/mySQL: experience with Model View Controller structures
  • Experience with linux/bash is a plus!
  • Experience with iterative workflows (e.g. SCRUM) is a plus!
  • Experience with SmartTV platforms in general is a plus!


Senior Agile Project Manager

Must haves:

  • 5+ years experience as scrum master
  • You love to have complete control
  • Smart communication skills
  • Proven qualities in managing distributed teams
  • In depth knowledge of project management software tools
  • Smart recognition of sales opportunities
  • English language: full professional proficiency
  • Full EU residency
  • You are a team player!

Nice to haves:

  • A technical/engineering background
  • Experience with connected TV devices is a plus!
  • Knowledge of the TV ecosystem


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